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Male Waxing Provides Comfort

For Sports Enthusiasts With many fellas participating in sports, working out or motorcycling, the need to be hair free is important not just for aesthetics but also for comfort and hygiene.  At Theresa’s Face and Body waxing spa we recognize guys needs for proper grooming and to look and feel their best. Sports such baseball,.. read more →

Men’s Back Waxing Demo

Watch Our Male Hair Removal Video Demonstration This video offers an overview of male hair removal. This back waxing for men episode details skin preparation for waxing, the application of wax product, wax removal with paper strips and skin aftercare with an actual client of Theresa’s Face and Body Cape Coral spa.  Male hair removal,.. read more →

Male Waxing Trends

It’s Not Just For Women At Theresa’s Face and Body in Cape Coral we’re seeing an increase in men seeking to get rid of unwanted body hair from their chest, back, arms and other areas of the body. This includes men who are athletic, celebrities, models, bodybuilders, or just those who are self-conscious about their.. read more →

Top Grooming Tips For Men

It’s as important for men as it is for women Men want to look and feel their best and here are the top mens grooming tips from Theresa’s Face and Body Cape Coral spa. 1. Keep your back hair free! Fur on the back is not sexy. Asking your partner to remove is also not.. read more →

Electrolysis for Men

What You Need To Know… Regarding Electrolysis For Men A few years ago, women cornered the market on hair removal. The segment of men who had body hair removed were primarily bodybuilders, swimmers, cyclists, actors or exotic dancers. These days the tide has turned. Manscaping is all the rage and men are seeking equal hair.. read more →

Manscaping101: Lesson 01

A Guide TO Back Waxing Come on, fellas. If Steve Carell can do it, so can you. Body waxing is important. It’s not even as bad as the movies make it out! It’s summer! Ditch the itch, and go for something more hygienic, comfortable, cool that your special someone will like. Theresa’s Face & Body in.. read more →

The History of Body Waxing and Hair Removal

Body Waxing Solutions In the world of beauty and hair removal history repeats itself. Hair removal (depilation) has been an important part of grooming since ancient times. Many cultures deemed a hairless body as the standard of beauty and hygiene. At Theresa’s Face and Body in Cape Coral we are carrying on the tradition of.. read more →

Men, try a little less mess below the neck

Getting your body beach-ready Isn’t left only to the ladies as spring comes to Florida. The ultimate in manscaping goes beyond shaving and a little plucking to waxing for that smooth, supple look, putting the 5 o’clock shadow to bed. Waxing involves spreading hot wax on the target area and pressing strips of cloth onto.. read more →

Funny Manscaping Video- Mansome Guide to Body Hair

We Offer Professional Manscaping Services This funny manscaping video is for your entertainment. WARNING: Contains Explicit Language Courtesy of More on Mancaping>> Waxing…What To Do and Not To Do>> read more →

Manscape Like a Celebrity

Jake Gyllenhall, Tom Cruise, & David Beckham Regularly incorporate manscaping/shaving into their daily routines. Here are some tips to getting that sexy groomed celebrity look at home. What is manscaping? The art of shaving men’s body hair. Men have hair the way women have curves, a sprinkling of body hair is attractive, but having superfluous.. read more →

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