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17 May 2017

What You Need To Know…

Regarding Electrolysis For Men

A few years ago, women cornered the market on hair removal. The segment of men who had body hair removed were primarily bodybuilders, swimmers, cyclists, actors or exotic dancers. These days the tide has turned. Manscaping is all the rage and men are seeking equal hair removal opportunity. Smooth, hair-free skin is highly prized by men and hair removal with electrolysis for men is a permanent solution.
Electrolysis, a method declared permanent by the FDA eliminates hair completely unlike laser tweezing, shaving, waxing or chemical depilatories. For men, removing unwanted hair in the neck and beard can improve the look of the skin. It can help with the irritation that comes with daily shaving. Permanent hair removal also helps remedy unsightly and painful ingrown hairs known as folliculitis. Other reasons men may want to remove hair include their profession or to please their partner.

At Theresa’s Face and Body Cape Coral we have found that the most commonly requested areas for electrolysis treatment are:

  • Eyebrows
  • Back
  • Ears
  • Beard
  • Cheek/Neck area
  • Tops of shoulder area

As hair grows in cycles it is important to stay on top of your treatment plan determined by your electrologist. Electrolysis sessions can range from 15 minutes to more than an hour depending on the area being treated.

After Care Tips

After permanent hair removal, hair follicles are open for 24 hours and need to be kept clean. Do not touch the treated area with your hands. Make sure to cleanse the area with alcohol using a cotton pad. Do not use soap or makeup on the area for 24 hours as this can cause irritation. Exercise before electrolysis treatment not after because sweat can increase bacteria and cause an infection. Use triple antibiotic cream or hydrocortisone cream to expedite healing. If a couple of scabs form, do not scratch them off; these are part of nature’s healing. Avoid sun exposure and use an SPF of 30 or above 48 hours after treatment to avoid hyperpigmentation.

At Theresa’s Face and Body Cape Coral, we provide unparalleled electrolysis for men process, skincare and massage service for men and women. Our spa offers 20-plus years of permanent hair removal experience. Give us a call we would be glad to help you with your hair removal and skin care needs.

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