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What Others Are Saying About Theresa’s Face and Body

Theresa’s Face and Body comes highly recommended by many Southwest Florida visitors and residents. If you would like to submit testimonials, please click here to fill out a submission form! Your testimonial will be sent to the owner for approval.

I have done various forms of hair removal too many times and have almost lost my faith in the whole thing until I met Theresa. Finally I found results with electrolysis. Within seven treatments I was seeing the diminishing of hair on my chin. It has been over six months and my chin is finally free of hair! Thank you, Theresa!
– Karen M. – Bonita Springs, FL

Theresa George. CME, is an excellent electrologist with over 16 years experience. She has helped teenagers, men, women and transgender clients with the permanent removal of unwanted hair. I highly recommend her.
– Dr. Teresa Sievers –  Estero, FL

Sun Exposed Skin Issues

Working outside where my skin gets constant sun exposure and keeping it exfoliated can be a challenging. By working with Theresa I’ve found that getting monthly facials has kept my skin clean and healthy. My wife says now my skin is constantly improving and I would recommend facial treatments as an addition to any man’s care. Theresa also educates her clients about proper skin maintenance and understands the importance of each clients needs and feelings. She is very professional and provides a relaxed setting for her treatments. Theresa makes caring for yourself affordable as I also get monthly deep tissue massages. She is very knowledgeable about the body and her massages have been very helpful in my recovering from aches and pains associated with past injuries. She is an excellent choice for massage and skincare.
– Ron S., Bonita Springs

Electrolysis Solution

Because my hair on my ears was too light I couldn’t be treated by laser. After five electrolysis treatments I am very pleased with the progress. I would estimate 80% of the hair on my ears is gone. It is well worth the time and effort. I wish I had done this years ago.
– Robert, Bonita Springs

Plucking Hairs

Having polycystic ovaries and suffering from extra hair growth on my chin/neck area. I had been plucking the hairs for so many years. I knew I was damaging my skin. And I know electrolysis was the permanent solution I had been looking for. I have been having treatments for a couple of months. Ultimately my results are astounding! Theresa is very experienced and knowledgeable. The spa atmosphere is soothing and I am able to relax during treatments. I am already thinking about which area to treat next! I am very pleased. So affordable, and it’s permanent! Thank you so much for helping people take care of themselves in such a warm and friendly environment!
– Brita L., Estero, Florida

Great Atmosphere

The electrolysis treatment Theresa performed was very easy to undergo and the atmosphere made it easy to relax. I was amazed at the difference one treatment made. My skin healed beautifully. I’ll be coming every two weeks. As a result I’ll be sure to refer Theresa to my friends.
– Val A. – Cape Coral, Florida


I started to get electrolysis treatments from Theresa at The Laser Lounge Spa in Estero Florida a few months ago. I was thoroughly tired of the daily plucking involved in my daily routine. When I first inquired about her services she walked my through the whole procedure explaining everything. My first treatment went rather quickly as I had become a habitual hair puller, and I had to let the hair grow in so she could finish the job. As a result, the freedom I am feeling now after only a handful of visits is unbelievable. No more tweezers! I would encourage women to at least get a consult to see how easy it is and the cost involved is reasonable considering the amazing liberating feeling it brings.
– Cathy D. – Bonita Springs, Florida

I Trust Theresa’s Face and Body

After seeing Theresa for close to a year now, I trust her completely with my hair removal. She is very friendly and I enjoy the chats we have while she is working on me. I find her duration of treatment sessions and prices extremely affordable for PERMANENT hair removal. Right now, we are focusing on my neck and chin, as these are the areas I am most concerned about. I like the results so much, I have other areas I am considering having done when we are finished with this round. Also, I want to mention that Theresa keeps me very comfortable during treatments. There is no discomfort afterwards I heal great. I am so happy that I got over my initial hesitation and looked into electrolysis with Theresa. It is THE best thing I have done for myself!
– Maryann K. – Naples, Florida

Sixteen Years In The Business

Theresa has been doing this for over 16 years and really knows her stuff. She has extensive experience working on all areas of the body. She takes deep pride in her work and does it right. Her rates are great especially for such highly precise quality of work. Theresa is a highly ethical individual; and you will sense that immediately. As a result you will feel at ease at her practice. She will do what it takes to get you the best results possible. I highly recommend Theresa. So take advantage of this opportunity now that you’ve found her!
– Dana T. – Naples, Florida

Series of Treatments

With coarse, white hairs on my face that I was told laser would be unable to treat. I was referred to Theresa George for electrolysis. I consulted with her and had a series of treatments. She kept me very comfortable and the treatments were affordable. Most of all the hair is gone! Thank you so much Theresa!
– Michele K. – Fort Myers Florida

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