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10 May 2016

The History of Body Waxing and Hair Removal

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In the world of beauty and hair removal history repeats itself. Hair removal (depilation) has been an important part of grooming since ancient times. Many cultures deemed a hairless body as the standard of beauty and hygiene. At Theresa’s Face and Body in Cape Coral we are carrying on the tradition of providing smooth, silky skin with our fabulous body waxing, Brazilian waxing and manscaping services.

Hair removal first began in Egypt where women would pumice their skin to remove hair. They also they create a sticky mixture made of oil and honey similar to what is used in current day sugaring.   Sugaring is a hair removal technique that has some similarities to today’s waxing. Greeks and Romans also found body hair unattractive and used creams and tweezers to remove body hair.

Hair removal also was prevalent In 1500s and can be seen in with painting of women with very little hair. In the 1920’s as short sleeves can into vogue, Gillette introduced the first women’s razor. This was the start of the “First Great Anti-Underarm- Hair Campaign,” with ads telling women to clean up their objectionable hair. According to an article in, in the 40s, due to the nylon shortage during the war, women were also encouraged to remove hair from the ankle to the knee. In the 1960s with the emergence of the bikini, women began what was known as bikini waxing and shaving to keep their nether regions free of unsightly hair. In the 70s both hairless and bushy were popular looks. Some women preferred to be au natural look with full pubic hair. Others influenced by the onset of the porn industry, had popularized in complete removal of public hair with body waxing.

The hairless movement carried into the 80s until today with the fashions of tiny bikinis. The hair removal method of choice was Brazilian

History of Body Waxing

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waxing which entailed the complete removal of hair in the pubic region. The name Brazilian wax was coined from seven Brazilian sisters who opened a NYC salon to groom women who wanted to look pristine and sexy in their smaller swimsuits and lingerie. Men have even gotten on board with the trend of waxing all hair in the public region with the Manzilian wax. These days, manscaping and waxing have become increasing popular throughout the nation, celebrities, porn stars and models have implemented this method of grooming. Both Brazilian and Manzilian waxing are available to you at Theresa’s Face and Body Cape Coral Spa.

Theresa’s Face and Body Cape Coral Spa specializes in Swedish and deep tissue massage, senior massage services/ geriatric massage, and in-home massage visits. The Cape Coral spa also offers electrolysis / permanent hair removal,  women’s body waxing, facial waxing,  men’s hair removal services,  facials, anti-aging treatments, acne treatments and dermaplaning .In addition, Theresa’s Face and Body also offers spa packages and in home and resort massages.  Theresa is also a freelance beauty writer for The News-Press and national publications. For more information on Theresa’s Face and Body, please call (239) 206-1216 or (586) 344-9345.

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