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14 Oct 2014

Manscaping: The Bare Facts

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Theresa George, Spa Owner, Cape Coral Spa, massage therapist, electrologist, esthetician

Men’s Hair Removal Services

With the array of services available for hair removal in Cape Coral, there is no reason for men not to stay well-groomed.  At Theresa’s Face and Body, we have noticed that one in three of our clients are manscaping areas such as their face, neck, back, legs or nether regions.

According to Phillips Norelco, 50 percent of men age 20 to 50 body groom.  Reasons given for manscaping include skin exposure in hot weather, hygiene and pleasing a mate. The practice varies from neatly trimming body hair to removing fuzz completely.

Popular Manscaping Methods

Body Waxing

Body waxing is a temporary method of hair removal that removes hair from the root leaving the skin smooth for up to three weeks.  Areas of body that respond well to wax include eyebrows, back, chest, brows, knuckles, toes, back of neck and bikini line.   Soft wax is applied to less sensitive areas such as the back, neck and shoulders by spreading a thin layer of wax across the skin.  A paper strip is placed across the wax and the strip is pulled off in the opposite direction of the hair growth.  For more sensitive areas like the bikini line or underarms, hard wax is used.  Hard wax is smoothed on just like soft wax, it is left to dry and then peeled off.  After a wax, the area can remain sensitive. To soothe the skin, apply cortisone cream. Within 24 hours, the skin calms down and has a smooth feel.

Electric Trimmers:  For manscaping beginners, electric trimmers are a good choice.  According to one of the best features of these kind of gadgets is that they allow you to control the length of your body hair.   An electric trimmer is the best hair removal method if you’ve got sensitive skin, or don’t want to take a razor to any tricky areas. The nature of these electrical hair removers means that they’re much safer and pretty much eradicate the possibility of any skin irritation.

Electrolysis/Permanent Hair Removal:

For those looking for permanent hair removal in Cape Coral areas including eyebrows, face, neck, ears, toes, abdomen, back or chest, electrolysis is the answer. Electrolysis works on all hair colors including black, brown, grey, white, red and blonde. This method removes individual hairs on the face and body with chemical or heat energy.  With electrolysis, a fine stainless steel probe is inserted into the hair follicle then a small amount of electric current is introduced into the base of the follicle where the growth center of the hair is located. The current destroys the hair root and its supporting structures and is removed with a tweezers.

So whether you dare to be bare or neatly trim the body fuzz, there are men’s hair removal services available to get a grip on overgrowth and keep unwanted hair in check.

Cape Coral Spa Body Waxing and Electrolysis Prices:

Body waxing prices range from $20 to $120 depending on area.

 Electrolysis prices:Electrolysis is typically priced per amount of time the client is treated at each session.  At Theresa’s Face and Body in Cape Coral a 15-minute session is $30, a 30 minute session is $55, a 45 minute session is $70 and a one-hour session is $80.

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