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08 Jan 2016

Manscape Like a Celebrity

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Jake Gyllenhall, Tom Cruise, & David Beckham

Regularly incorporate manscaping/shaving into their daily routines. Here are some tips to getting that sexy groomed celebrity look at home.

manscape like a celebrity

What is manscaping? The art of shaving men’s body hair. Men have hair the way women have curves, a sprinkling of body hair is attractive, but having superfluous hair is not.

Get the right tools

Trusty shaving cream and razors might not cut it-especially if it’s a carpet that needs a trim. A trimmer with adjustable parts that targets hair on the chest, limbs, underarms and finally down south works best.

Trim it!

1. Men are not hairless and, unless someone is auditioning for a “Magic Mike” sequel, men should refrain from drugstore depilatories-instead a body hair trimmer or even a beard trimmer to even down the grass to playable length will work.
2. The chest hair needs to be trimmed unless someone is a Chewbacca fan and has no problem looking like him.

3. Men don’t need smooth underarms-while a bit of hair is fine a forest isn’t. Trim down to acceptable lengths.

4. Hair on shoulders and back are not manly…just gorilla like. Men’s waxing is the best way to get the hair off quickly and in many cases will last up to 4 weeks.

5. Down there, some prefer to refrain from completely shaving, there’s no need to uproot the bush-simple trimming would work. Trim down to shorter lengths but ensure the hair isn’t so short that it turns prickly; an inch or so is fine.

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