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13 Oct 2018

Male Waxing Provides Comfort

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For Sports Enthusiasts

With many fellas participating in sports, working out or motorcycling, the need to be hair free is important not just for aesthetics but also for comfort and hygiene.  At Theresa’s Face and Body waxing spa we recognize guys needs for proper grooming and to look and feel their best.

Sports such baseball, football, tennis, hockey and soccer as well as working out create a lot of physical exertion and the byproduct is sweat. Men have an abundance of hair in the armpits, chest, back and private regions and with all of hair as well as innumerable sweat glands in those areas, a guy can get stinky after a workout. This odor occurs because sweat that is produced from the sweat glands clings to the hair which wicks the odor outward.  The offensive smell can be noticeable to those standing within few inches to a couple of feet.  At first, the odor isn’t pronounced but within a short period of time bacteria are produced in the area and an unpleasant smell is created.  An effective way for men to remove excessive hair and reduce offensive odor is waxing.

Male waxing is a process

Male waxing is also known as depilation and most areas of the body including the underarms, bikini area, buttocks, stomach and back can be improved with this service. Depending on the thickness of the hair in the area our waxing spa has a wax formulation that will suit even the most sensitive skin types.  At Theresa’s Face and body Cape Coral spa we take into consideration each client’s skin type as well as the sensitivity of area to make sure your waxing treatment is nearly pain free and ensures healthy skin.

As expert waxing technicians we also are aware that waxing can increase the body temperature.  For you comfort we make sure your skin is kept cool with a cooling application of cornstarch powder. We also set our conditioning at a perfect temperature to ensure the best experience.

Male waxing at Theresa’s Face and Body Cape Coral is concluded with the application a dry oil that will eliminate excessive wax buildup and an application of soothing aloe gel.

In addition to our male waxing services our waxing spa specializes in hair removal for women.  These areas include underarms, legs, Brazilian, stomach, underarms and back of the neck. At Theresa’s Face and Body we have over 20 years’ experience in male and female hair removal.  (Dan plese hyperlink this  following info.  For more information visit my Mens Waxing Page.


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