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23 Mar 2016

Men, try a little less mess below the neck

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Getting your body beach-ready

Isn’t left only to the ladies as spring comes to Florida.

The ultimate in manscaping goes beyond shaving and a little plucking to waxing for that smooth, supple look, putting the 5 o’clock shadow to bed.

A little less below the neck. Beach Body Ready

Waxing can get rid of unwanted hair wherever it’s unwanted.
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Waxing involves spreading hot wax on the target area and pressing strips of cloth onto the wax, then peeling it and the hair by its roots from the area.

Nearly 1 in 4 men shave or trim body hair and more than 4 in 5 men who shave at least one body part shave it year round, a study by the razor company Gillette has shown. While facial hair may have all the hype, men are finding out that their dates like less hair below the neck.

And there’s no limit to what can be waxed: back, shoulders, neck, Brazilian, abdomen, hip, arms, chest, armpits, legs.

By adding waxing, and skipping shaving, to men’s routines, they cut down on the amount of time grooming because of the length of time the hair takes to return, and, after repeated waxings, the hair grows back less thick.

Of the men who do shave below the neck, many said they would remove hair more often if it didn’t cause skin irritation and it looked better. Once the initial redness fades from waxing, exfoliation takes care of ingrown hairs and keeps the skin healthy.

Make sure you follow directions provided for care after waxing such as avoiding hot tubs, pools and intimacy for 24 hours. It’s also important to make sure you prepare for waxing by making sure you are not using any medications or topical lotions that could cause issues. Be sure to ask your waxing expert what to do and follow before and after recommendations.

So whether you wax for aesthetics, for sports or to please a lover, less hair makes for more smiles.


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