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28 Aug 2018

Men’s Back Waxing Demo

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Watch Our Male Hair Removal Video Demonstration

This video offers an overview of male hair removal. This back waxing for men episode details skin preparation for waxing, the application of wax product, wax removal with paper strips and skin aftercare with an actual client of Theresa’s Face and Body Cape Coral spa.

 Male hair removal, and in particular the popularity of back waxing for men has been around for quite some time, yet many don’t take advantage of waxing spas which can provide lasting results for problematic back hair. There are many reasons for removing unwanted hair, including athletics, a desire to look and feel cleaner, or simply wanting to change your appearance and build confidence. The “flank area” in particular (sides of a man’s back) are where most back hair growth occurs. For men, this can start early in life, or later stage onset as the body chemistry changes.

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