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03 Aug 2018

Male Waxing Trends

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It’s Not Just For Women

At Theresa’s Face and Body in Cape Coral we’re seeing an increase in men seeking to get rid of unwanted body hair from their chest, back, arms and other areas of the body. This includes men who are athletic, celebrities, models, bodybuilders, or just those who are self-conscious about their excess body hair and seeking a solution. Men of all ages, backgrounds, social classes and ethnicities are jumping on the bandwagon. Male waxing is increasing in popularity overall as a result, because of the health and physical benefits that if offers. Millennial men in general are starting to invest a lot into how they look, with the global grooming market seeing a huge increase over the past few years – a trend that is certainly not going to go away.

Body Waxing

Body waxing makes you feel cleaner, and you’ll have a more attractive appearance overall. Waxing removes dead skin cells and dry skin while unclogging pores and preventing blemishes. Your muscles will look more defined in appearance, and your body will look healthier and more sculpted.

Have a tattoo?

A lot of men are getting their arms waxed to better display their tattoos. But where else should you wax? Gaining in popularity nowadays are areas such as back waxing (shoulders and back,) chest and midsection, legs, stomach and private areas. Nose hair and eyebrows are also areas of focus. Many men have taken to male waxing as their girlfriends or wives have encouraged them to do so, with most returning after their first time getting waxed because they realized they are more confident after eliminating embarrassing body hair.

Low Maintenance

Male waxing is lower maintenance and more efficient than shaving, as waxing removes the entire hair follicle which makes it take much longer to grow back. And hair that does grow back is much thinner which doesn’t have to be removed as often. Waxing also means you don’t have to deal with painful ingrown hair, razor burn or the annoying red bumps as a result of traditional shaving. Additional reasons for the popularity of male waxing are the end results – less hair to trap moisture and body odor, and an increase in self-esteem for men when showing their bodies in public.

Theresa’s Face and Body has over 20 years of experience in male waxing. I am discreet and knowledgeable. At Theresa’s Face and Body we will make unwanted hair a thing of the past. Click here to learn more about electrolysis.

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