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29 Jun 2020

COVID-19 Electrolysis & Waxing Spa Precautions

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Your health is our greatest priority at Theresa’s Face and Body skin care, electrolysis and waxing spa. We want you to know that prior to COVID-19 and through this pandemic we have followed CDC guidelines. We have always followed universal precautions to protect our clients with our body and Brazilian waxing, electrolysis and skin care procedures. These precautions include the wearing of masks, using non-latex disposable gloves and thoroughly clean all surfaces with hospital strength disinfectant after each client.  Additionally, our waxing spa practices include never double dipping spatulas once wax has been applied to the client’s skin and never recycling product for Brazilian waxing or any other type of body waxing.  For electrolysis, we use a disposable, stainless steel probe for each client and soak all implements in barbicide, wash them in soap and water and sterilize implements in a dry heat sterilizer.

Electroloysis Covid-19 Precautions

Booking Appointments

Also, prior to booking appointments for services such as Brazilian waxing, body waxing and electrolysis, we vet each client asking if they have had a temperature or sore throat in the past month or have they been around others that have had these symptoms.  Other questions asked include have they traveled outside of the state or to another country within the past 30 days. If the client answers yes to any of these questions we ask them to reschedule their appointment.

Maximizing Safety

To maximize your safety, we also advise clients prior to booking that we take one appointment at a time and when they arrive to call us so we can bring them into the spa individually. Furthermore, we space each client 15 minutes apart to limit exposure and provide hand sanitizer before and after skin care and waxing spa services. 

Ultimately, our goal is we want you to be safe.  We strive to make our business safe.   And, that was our goal from the very first day we opened Theresa’s Face and Body. From the beginning, this spa was set up to minimize the spread of infectious disease. We want to make sure that our clients don’t get sick and that we don’t get sick either.

Want To Know More?

For more information about our anti-aging products and skin care, electrolysis and waxing services at our Cape Coral spa please visit our website and check out our YouTube channel.



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