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11 Jun 2020

Top Brazilian Waxing Tips Revealed – Part II

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In our last blog revealing Brazilian waxing tips, we discussed ways to make your waxing appointment more comfortable. In this second part of the blog, we’ll talk about additional steps you can take to ensure your wax leaves you silky smooth and ready for bikini season.

brazillian waxing tips

 As a skin care specialist for over 20 years at Theresa’s Face and Body waxing spa, exfoliation is vital to achieving superior waxing results. I recommend you exfoliate your bikini areas regularly before your Brazilian waxing session. Exfoliating eliminates the layer of dead cells that accumulates on the skins surface trapping hair causing it to become ingrown.  Ingrown hair is also known as folliculitis; a condition that causes the skin to become inflamed and can be accompanied by tiny pustules. To prevent this issue, there are two exfoliation methods you can utilize at home.  The first method is manual exfoliation using a wash cloth or a loofah sponge. This is easily accomplished in the shower by gently rubbing dampened skin in a circular motion. This should be done on a daily basis up to the day before your wax session.   Another exfoliation method to preventing ingrown hair before Brazilian wax is the application of a serum containing salicylic acid. A concentration of 4 percent works best. Salicylic acid serums work by sloughing off the outermost layer of skin to release the hair. By implement one of these methods, hairs will be up from the follicle so they can be removed effectively leaving the clients with silky, smooth skin.

Another great tip?

Drink lots of water before your trip to the waxing spa.  Skin that is properly hydrated will enable the wax specialist to completely remove the hair without it breaking off at the skins surface.  Also, skip the coffee before your Brazilian waxing appointment, as the caffeine in coffee tend to make the nerves in the body more sensitive thus increasing discomfort during waxing

Avoid swimming pools and the sun 24 hours after a wax 

 Here is another tip to ensure your best waxing outcome. Avoid pools or hot tubs 24 hours after your waxing spa appointment to make sure the follicles heal properly.  Also avoid activities including working out can cause sweating for 24 hours.  Sweating is an irritant freshly waxed skin. You should also avoid the sun for 24 hours after a wax.  A sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher applied every two hours is your best protection against skin irritation.

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