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29 Jan 2019

We Care About Your Electrolysis Success

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Undergoing permanent hair removal can be an intimidating concept, and something that many people would like to try but have reservations about. At Theresa’s Face and Body Cape Coral spa we understand your concerns, which is why we consult with you and walk you through the process explaining the technique and answering any of your concerns.  We also use products designed to make electrolysis much easier. If you’re considering electrolysis or have had procedures in the past, when undergoing treatment with us you’ll be made to feel as comfortable as possible, because we genuinely care about your treatment, your goals, outcome and electrolysis aftercare. More importantly, we’ll take the time after your permanent hair removal procedure to discuss in detail what you need to do from a post treatment perspective.

Electrolysis Aftercare Program

Our aftercare program is designed to ensure that your skin recovers quickly and beautifully and avoiding setbacks or other skin-related issues. Theresa herself will also call you within a 24 to 48-hour period to follow up on your progress, make sure your healing is going well and that you are comfortable, and discuss any additional questions or concerns that you may have.

Electrolysis aftercare specifics that will be discussed with you will include applying triple antibiotic cream and/or cortisone cream to the treated areas twice a day for the next couple of weeks.  You’ll be advised to not apply soap to the treated areas, and avoid swimming or coming into contact with salt or chlorinated water for a 24-hour period. You can apply alcohol in order to keep the skin clean.  After the 24 hour period, it is ok to use a gentle liquid cleanser such as Dove, Cetaphil, or Neutrogena.  It is also important to remember to cleanse the skin with alcohol after perspiring to avoid inflaming the follicles which can delay healing.  You should also avoid touching or picking at the treated area to reduce the possibility of infection. Our website also offers additional tips and tricks that you can utilize during your aftercare period.

Experience is Key

One of the leading electrolysis providers in Cape Coral and Fort Myers, Theresa’s Face and Body has over 20 years of experience in permanent hair removal.  For more information about our permanent hair removal and other skin care services for women, men, teen and transgender individuals please contact us today at (239) 206-1216. We hope you enjoyed watching this video and encourage you to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

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