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09 Feb 2019

Ladies Weigh In On Male Waxing

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Manscaping can mean different things to different people. For some women an ideal look is having a man hairless and smooth on both their chest and back (back waxing), while others prefer a male body that is hair-free almost everywhere! Most women dislike back hair and secretly wish their men would undergo back waxing. One example that usually comes to mind is sports star David Beckham. On the other hand, others enjoy a groomed but somewhat hairy appearance such as actors Alec Baldwin and the rustically handsome Sam Elliott have. Younger celebrities such as Joe Jonas are also on board with the manscaping trend.

At Theresa’s Face and Body Cape Coral spa we surveyed three female clients on how they prefer their men to be groomed, and if waxing is a necessary part of the grooming process. Their opinions vary greatly. Here’s what they had to say:

According to Cathy D, a 51-year old homemaker from Fort Myers and a Theresa’s Face and Body client: “I honestly prefer a man that is well groomed in appearance, with no back hair. I feel the back should be kept hair free a guy shouldn’t look like he is wearing a sweater. On the chest light chest hair that is neatly trimmed gives a nice manly appearance. I don’t mind hair on the body overall, as long as it’s kept neat and is complimentary overall to his look. So I’m for male waxing in general.”

Annie S. is a 35-year old who lives in Punta Gorda. She says: “I appreciate a man that takes pride in how he looks, is well groomed and put together. This includes a clean front and back, as back hair in my opinion is messy and unattractive. If he takes the time to undergo male waxing, that’s a major plus right off the bat.”

Peggy V. a 25-year old from Cape Coral states that “male waxing is a must, as most men tend to be overly hairy in appearance. Not a turn on for me personally, so a guy that does male waxing on a regular basis, especially back waxing, is gaining points in my book.”

Theresa’s Face and Body Cape Coral spa has over 20 years of experience in male waxing. I am discreet and knowledgeable. At Theresa’s Face and Body we will make unwanted hair a thing of the past. To learn more about electrolysis visit

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