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11 Sep 2020

COVID-19 Electrolysis & Waxing Spa Safety Measures

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Now more than ever during COVID-19 it’s imperative to take the right precautions to keep yourself safe. At Theresa’s Face and Body skin care, electrolysis and waxing spa, you can take comfort in knowing that we’re following CDC guidelines to ensure the safety of both you and our practitioners.

Covid 19 Safety

We’d like to also point out that prior to COVID-19 and throughout this challenging time, our spa has followed universal precautions to protect clients during their Brazilian waxing and other skin care procedures. This includes wearing masks and face shields, utilizing disposable non-latex gloves, hand washing after each service and cleaning and disinfecting treatment room surfaces with hospital-strength Cavicide after each client. You can be assured that we’re striving to ensure your safety when you visit our waxing spa.

We Never Double-Dip Implements

We’ve always practiced the policy of never double-dipping implements after applying wax for unisex Brazilian waxing and other male waxing services.  Also, whether we’re removing unwanted hair from your back, shoulders, chest, neck, pubic region, eyebrows, legs, underarms, hands or face with electrolysis, we always utilize disposable, stainless steel probes and soak our stainless steel implements in Barbicide, then cleanse them thoroughly with soap and hot water.  The implements are then placed in a dry heat sterilizer to ensure full disinfection.

One Client At a Time

To ensure client safety, we book one appointment at a time, and ask that you call from your vehicle upon arrival before coming in to the spa. We also space each client 15 minutes apart to further limit possible exposure. Hand sanitizer is also readily available.

Following CDC Guidelines

Per CDC guidelines, we thoroughly vet every client when they contact us to book a Brazilian waxing, electrolysis or skin care appointment. As a premier women’s and men’s waxing spa, we’ll ask every client when they enter the spa if they have had a temperature or sore throat in the past month, and if they’ve been around others that have shown any COVID-19 symptoms. We’ll also ask if clients have traveled outside of the state or to another country within the last 30 days. If they answer yes, we’ll ask them to reschedule their appointment for the following month.

Here When You Need Us

At Theresa’s Face and Body we are here five days a week to care for your skin care concerns.  Whether you are dealing with acne or anti-aging or excessive body hair concerns we offer solutions for everybody.  Our skin care services are convenient, economical and easy to schedule.  We also offer gift certificates for holidays and birthdays as well packages for many of our services. 

Stay Connected With Us

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