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28 Jan 2020

Tips For Concealing Facial Hair

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Its understandable that having excessive facial hair can be especially embarrassing when we interact with our family and colleagues.   In their desire for a quick fix, many people resort to plucking, threading or waxing to remove the hair. This action never solves the problem. In fact, it can make facial hair grow darker and thicker thereby worsening the issue.  Your best solution is to have permanent hair removal with electrolysis.  In order to remove hair effectively, the hair must be long enough for the electrologist to treat it with current and  be able to lift it out of the follicle with a tweezers . If the electrologist  has to work to uproot a hair from the follicle this can aggravate the skin and also slow down the permanent hair removal process. 

In order to give a successful electrolysis treatment, the electrologist needs two to three days worth of hair growth, in other words, the hair will need to be up and out of the hair follicle. For many people, letting facial hair grow is a daunting task due to the concern of the visibility and prickly texture of the hair.  To aid this problem, makeup is a solution for concealing embarrassing facial hair.


You can cover hair growth using matte foundation from Dermablend, which can be purchased at most department store and beauty outlets. This foundation will conceal while staying in place, and it’s breathable as well. MAC is another skin care company that makes a good matte foundation that offers long lasting coverage for those couple of days before permanent hair removal.

Another useful tip?

Use loose translucent powder or a powder compact and cotton powder puff or brush to camouflage areas where hair is visible. These powder compacts are available at drug stores or most department stores – MAC, Sheseido, NARS,  Dermabelend, Covergirl, Almay and Loreal are brands that make  products that will get you through until your electrolysis treatment. 


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