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26 Sep 2017

Tips To Boost Your Skin Care & Anti-Aging Regimen

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An Anti-Aging Regimen is Vital

An anti-aging regimen is vital to proper skin care and keeping your skin healthy. For many their home beauty routine includes cleansing, toning, exfoliation and miniaturization. Others enhance their home care with monthly facials performed by an esthetician. These skin care practices are a great place to start but for divas who crave more info, I have provided a list of additional tips to keep your skin glowing all year.

  1. Refrain from spending all day in the AC – during the summer we all want to be inside where it’s cool, but remember air conditioning is drying. If you are indoors, apply a moisturizer to your skin and drink plenty of water.
  2. Limit alcohol and coffee – many of us like our evening glass of wine or morning cup of Joe. Caffeine and alcohol zap moisture. Again, water is an essential component for skin hydration.
  3. Get enough rest. A good night’s sleep is important for skin cell recovery and vital to restoring the health and balance to the body.
  4. Find an outlet for stress. Stress wreaks havoc on the skin’s balance and can also can contribute to wrinkles and breakouts. Workouts such as walking, running and yoga are excellent stress eliminators. Anti-aging treatments such as micro-needling, microdermabrasion and facials can help if the stress of life has begun to show on your face.
  5. Take a shower after being in a chlorinated pool– swimming is a great way to cool off, but chlorine and saltwater dry and irritate skin. After you go for a swim don’t just rinse off, really lather up and rinse those chemicals or salt off your skin.
  6. Change sheets and pillow cases regularly- Clean bedding is important to keeping your skin blemish free. Oils, make up and dirt can accumulate on sheets and pillow cases and can cause breakouts. By changing you sheets daily, you will decrease the chance for acne, dermatitis and other annoying skin conditions.
  7. Don’t over exfoliate. – Over exfoliating can irritate skin. Exfoliate a couple of times week with a wash cloth in a circular motion. You can also use a liquid scrub but remember to use a gentle touch in applying it to the face. Facials can also help to properly exfoliate and balance your skin.
  8. Don’t skip the sunscreen – make sure to protect both your face and body. Sunscreen with SPF 30 is recommended and it is important to reapply it after every couple of hours especially after getting out of the pool or after an outside workout. Another thing to remember is that when we drive, harmful rays can affect skin through car windows. Make sure you apply sunscreen before you get into your vehicle whether you are going for a leisurely cruise or to the office.

I hope that these anti-aging regimen tips will help you maintain healthy skin. If you need a boost to your skin care regimen, give us a call and we can give your face the nourishment it needs with a rejuvenating facial. At Theresa’s Face and Body Cape Coral spa we have a variety of services and anti-aging treatments to help every skin type.

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