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20 Jul 2019

Model Praises the Benefits of Body Waxing

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My name is Heather Bevins, and I’m a professional model. I wanted to speak about Theresa’s Face and Body, and the many benefits I receive undergoing regular body waxing. It’s especially important for me to do, as in my profession I do many different types of catalog and commercial modeling, bathing suit, runway shows, and trade shows. I also specialize in an area known as body modeling where the focus is on a specific body part including feet, hands, arms and legs.

Looking My Best

To look my best and compete against the hundreds of models all vying for a particular catalogue or runway opportunity, I must make sure all the details are covered. This includes my hairstyle, nails, makeup and clothing. In addition, my skin must look immaculate and my body fit and my body hair free. Body waxing allows me to accomplish this, getting rid of any unwanted hair around my legs, bikini line, face and stomach My eyebrows should also look well-groomed and balanced against the rest of my face, as photographers look at these types of details very closely.

Attention To Detail

This attention to detail is definitely necessary in order for me to look my best, and do my job. And honestly, undergoing a Brazilian waxing treatment or body waxing treatment makes me feel more comfortable and confident, which I think shows through in the final photos, videos or other mediums I’m featured in. Also, having a successful runway show or photo shoot increases the odds that I’ll be called back for more work in the future.

For all that consider waxing I would advise you to prep your skin before undergoing any waxing procedure. I recently was asked to do a swimsuit photo shoot, and luckily had a week to get myself groomed and beautified – this including getting a Brazilian waxing service. I exfoliated my skin in the shower once a day for that entire week before my procedure, so the dead skin was removed and the hairs were clearly visible which makes for an effective and comfortable session at the spa.  Prepping the skin before the service also made my Brazilian waxing session for me and Theresa, my esthetician who was doing my wax.   And yes, I did get offered another photo shoot after the swimsuit photo shoot. And I have Theresa’s Face and Body to thank for that.

Recommending Theresa’s Face and Body

One of the leading waxing providers in Cape Coral and Fort Myers, Theresa’s Face and Body has over 20 years of experience in providing skin care, massage, body waxing and permanent hair removal.  For more information about waxing and other skin care services for women, men, teen and transgender individuals please contact us today at (239) 206-1216.


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