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03 Jul 2019

Applying Numbing Creme Before Electrolysis

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When undergoing electrolysis there can be individuals who may have some skin sensitivity .For those people, Theresa’s Face and Body advises using a topical numbing cream to minimize discomfort.  Although discomfort with permanent hair removal is relative to each person, the most common areas for sensitivity include the upper and lower lip, neck, inside of the ears, bikini line and the neck

What is topical numbing cream?

This anesthetic crème or ointment includes benzocaine, lidocaine and tetracaine as active numbing ingredients. This crème is used in permanent hair removal, micro-needling, tattooing and dermaplaning procedures.

According to Lidocaine is most commonly seen in topical numbing products.   Prilocaine and lidocaine is another combination in which prilocaine helps to kick in faster before lidocaine.  Benzocaine, has the quickest onset of action, then the lidocaine and tetracaine kicks in last.

Using Numbing Crème Prior to Electrolysis

Cleanse the skin thoroughly and pat dry. Spread the numbing creamed with a wooden tongue depressor over the area to be treated with electrolysis making sure that the area is completely covered and rub it into the skin until it is completely clear. Next, apply another thick coat making sure that no skin is visible underneath the cream and cover the area with Press and Seal cellophane wrap.  This brand works best because it adheres to the skin without having to use medical tape. Press and Seal can be found at Walmart. 

If you don’t have access to Press and Seal, ordinary saran wrap may be used but medical tape will be needed to ensure the cellophane wrap adheres to the skin. The covered numbing cream should remain on the skin one hour prior to the permanent hair removal appointment.  When you arrive at the office, the electrologist will remove the wrap and wipe off the cream a section at a time revealing the area she wishes to perform hair removal.  When the treatment begins, the client should be much more comfortable as a result of the using the numbing cream.

Theresa’s Face and Body

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