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21 Jun 2019

Benefits of a Stretching Massage

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Stretching is an important element to any workout routine, whether it’s done in a gym, a home workout room, or simply getting ready for a walk or run, riding a bike or preparing to play sports. It’s essential to flex the muscles, tendons and ligaments so they are prepared for the workout to come. At Theresa’s Face and Body, we believe stretching also is an important addition to any massage, which is why we’ve offered this modality with our Swedish and deep tissue massage treatments.

It’s imperative for your joints to be properly lubricated, especially the legs, ankles, knees, shoulders and arms which tend to absorb most of the force the body takes when exercising. You also want your muscles to be properly warmed up and stretching brings healthy circulation to those areas while preparing them for the workout. A stretching massage incorporates these benefits, providing the client with a more complete experience.

The beauty of a stretching massage is that it can be flexibly incorporated into your regular massage routine to whatever extent you want. This session can last for as long as 90 minutes, or as little as a half hour. When you incorporate stretching into your massage, the movements can be a combination of active or passive movements. Active movements are when the client assists the therapist. Passive movements are when the therapist stretches the client without assistance. These movements work well for clients who have limited mobility in specific areas.

Active and passive movements in a stretching massage offer you the benefits of a light form of exercise, perfect for somebody recuperating from a procedure or an injury. Stretching massage can speed up their recovery time and increase mobility. This form of massage also can help the elderly who may not be able to exercise the way they used to.  Additionally, athletes who deal with sore, tight muscles before or after competing can benefit from this procedure as well.

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