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07 Sep 2019

Registered Nurse Recommends Electrolysis

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Thinking about undergoing electrolysis, but unsure or hesitant about the process and results? Here is a testimonial from a medical professional, Amy B., a registered surgical care nurse, who has been undergoing regular electrolysis hair removal at Theresa’s Face and Body for over a year now.

Theresa’s Work is Amazing!

I can vouch for her professionalism and attention to detail, from start to finish” said Amy. “Theresa utilizes sterile techniques to ensure a safe and effective hair removal process. Her knowledge of skin care and attention provided to all of her clients is above and beyond.” Amy has been driving a great distance to work with Theresa because of her expertise in the field, and is very satisfied with the electrolysis results.

At Theresa’s Face and Body, we thoroughly educate our clients on the electrolysis process, from start to finish, including what to expect before, during and after your procedure. Theresa will explain the particulars of permanent hair removal during your treatment, to ensure that you are comfortable and as relaxed as possible.  Treatment includes inserting a fine stainless steel probe no larger than the size of a hair into the follicle, introducing a small current that will cauterizing the hair follicle the hair. Average treatment time varies.  Clients can undergo treatment from 15 minutes to one hour.    

After Your Procedure

We gently cleanse the skin with alcohol as well as the use of an antibiotic ointment or cortisone cream.  Home care is very important and is the same protocol we following at your office visit.   Remember to cleanse the area twice a day with alcohol and applying cortisone or triple antibiotic.  If you wish to reduce redness quicker, apply an ice pack covered with a paper towel.  Avoid makeup and activities that induce sweating for 24 hours. Following this regimen will reduce irritation while ensuring that your skin will heal faster after undergoing permanent hair removal. An SPF sunblock of at least 50 or higher is also suggested to use on your face or other treated areas that are exposed to the sun. Reapplying the sunblock every two hours is recommended.

Follow Up

Theresa will also make a follow-up phone call 24-48 hours after your treatment to check on your progress, as well as answer any questions that you may have.

About Theresa

One of the leading waxing providers in Cape Coral and Fort Myers, Theresa’s Face and Body has over 20 years of experience with electrolysis. For more information about our permanent hair removal and other skin care services for women, men, teen and transgender individuals please contact us today at (239) 206-1216. We hope you enjoyed watching this video and encourage you to subscribe to our YouTube channel.


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