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13 Feb 2018

Body Waxing Terminology Part 1

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Body Waxing TerminologyHair Removal Terminology

When it comes to having smooth, silky skin waxing is a quick and effective way to rid yourself of unwanted hair. Hair removal has an array of industry terms so to enhance your waxing IQ here is some of the lingo used at Theresa’s Face and Body Cape Coral Spa.


A term to describe male grooming below the belt or other areas of the body such as the back, chest or underarms by waxing or shaving to enhance appearance and promote hygiene.


Exfoliation nvolves the removal of dead skin cells on the skin’s outer surface. It is important to exfoliate before a Brazilian wax because public hair is very coarse and can grow back under the skin if the dead cells are not removed prior to a wax. For best results use a damp wash cloth or a loofah sponge gently rubbing the skin in a circular motion. Remember to exfoliate the skin especially the day before your body wax appointment to insure the smoothest results.


Folliculitis also referred to as ingrown hair is an inflammatory condition that can affect hair follicles after shaving or waxing. Symptoms of this condition can vary depending on the cause, but a rash, redness, pimples and white bumps are the most common. Serums such as GiGi No bump or Tend Skin can help to exfoliate the skin so that the hairs will grow out straight rather than under the skin after a Brazilian or body waxing treatment. It will also help to decrease inflammation. A hot, moist compress applied to the area twice a day also gives relief by bringing down redness and may promote drainage of the hair follicle.


The Epilation process of removing hair during a Brazilian or body wax by mechanical (waxing, tweezing shaving) or chemical creams such as Nair. Epilation is also known as depilation. When you choose waxing to epilate you will get smooth skin that lasts up to four weeks.

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