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19 Dec 2019

Body Waxing in Real Life

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If you’ve ever thought about undergoing body waxing treatments, you probably recall humorous scenes from movies that portray characters experiencing their first time with body waxing. From movies like Bad Moms 2, Sex and The City, Miss Congeniality, The Hot Chick and 40 Year Old Virgin and even cartoons including Ice Age – Dawn of The Dinosaurs and Spongebob, body waxing treatments are being accepted as an important part of personal hygiene and health.

Womens Body Waxing

Improved Self Esteem

Waxing improves self-confidence by removing excess hair and making you neatly groomed.  Waxing of the bikini area is often referred to as Brazilian waxing.  It’s a very effective treatment that has a tremendous rewards that not only makes an area of the body smooth and esthetically pleasing but also offers a clean, fresh look.  The waxing treatment process is simple and the results are instant.

Theresa’s Face and Body is one of the leading waxing spa providers in Fort Myers and Cape Coral, with 20+ years of experience in full body and Brazilian waxing services. For more information about our permanent hair removal and other skin care services for men, women, teen and transgender individuals please contact us at (239) 206-1216. You can also visit for more information.


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