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21 Nov 2019

Massage Equals Relief

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For Seniors & Professionals

Many people know that massage feels great, but did you know that they are actually very beneficial to your body’s overall health and well-being? It can be especially helpful to seniors, people who work physically demanding jobs, caregivers and professionals who sit behind desks for hours upon hours can feel better after having a 30- to 90- minute Swedish massage.

Here in Southwest Florida there are a lot of senior citizens who reside full and part-time. Many of these older clients come to Theresa’s Face and Body having regular difficulties with mobility, joint pain, and overall body aches and pains who are a part of the normal aging process. We are finding that as they undergo regular massage sessions their range of motion and overall
movement is improved, along with a reduction in joint pain and muscle stiffness or soreness. The increased blood flow as a result of these treatments improves flexibility and provides a wonderful sense of overall well-being. Working professionals and caregivers can also have these
issues and can benefit from this type of bodywork.

Stress Relief

Secondly, stress plays a huge factor in a person’s general health. Those who regularly find themselves with high stress levels, can greatly reduce the fatigue, nervousness and tension after undergoing regular Swedish massage treatments. A massage even once a month can help alleviate the stress of an exhausting work day and help the receiver relax and get a good nights’ sleep. Also, research has shown that when lavender is incorporated into the massage oil it can boost the therapeutic benefits of the massage as it has been known to help those who are feeling anxious or is dealing with insomnia, depression and restlessness. Lavender oil can also be used easily on people with various skin types. Furthermore, many of our clients have said that their performance at work has increased with decreased stress levels, a direct result of our treatments.

Other Benefits of Massage

Additional benefits that are usually seen after Swedish massage are a strengthened immune system, lowered levels of anxiety and depression, reduced levels of excess water being retained and a reduction in the overall level of toxins in the body.

Summing It Up

To sum up, to maintain a healthy body and mind, Swedish massage is a cost effective and soothing way to unwind, relax and rejuvenate.

At Theresa’s Face and Body Cape Coral spa we treat and help clients of all ages through our full range of massage services. For more information about these and other skin care services, please visit

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