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16 Dec 2017

Permanent Under Arm Hair Removal With Electrolysis

This video describes electrolysis as a means of permanently removing excess hair from the underarms at Theresa‚Äôs Face and Body Cape Coral spa.  Permanent hair removal of the underarms can take from six months to two years depending on the amount of hair in the area and its coarseness.  The treatment also works on hair of all colors.  Clients should keep in mind that hair in this region grows in a variety of directions which may impact the speed of the electrologists work.   Electrolysis involves inserting a tiny needle no large than a hair into the follicle and delivering a short burst of heat. The heat destroys the hair root and its supporting structures.  The hair is then lifted out of the follicle with a tweezer.  The client should not feel a tweezing sensation during the treatment.   Electrolysis treatment times can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes.  After permanent hair removal treatment, the underarms may be a bit tender with slight redness and swelling.    This is normal and will subside with the application of cortisone or triple antibiotic cream.

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