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21 Dec 2015

Electrolysis: The Secret to Permanently Perfect Eyebrows

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Bold Eyebrows

This year, strong and bold eyebrows are a trend that everyone seems to be getting behind and more and more girls are trying to mimic the Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez look. But even thick, unruly eyebrows require maintenance and grooming. Also, and the constant care and aggravation of this fragile area from hair removal processes such as eyebrow and face waxing can be a nightmare.

Electrolysis can be the secret to permanently perfect eyebrows, electrolysis, facial waxing, hair removal, permanent hair removal

Electrolysis can be the secret to permanently perfect eyebrows.

The solution? Electrolysis. This permanent hair removal procedure gets rid of pesky, unwanted facial hair. Electrolysis gives a more precise, sculpted look. It’s also much safer and more effective than laser hair removal, which has the potential to damage your eyes when used in that area.

When it comes to your eyebrows, there is no better answer than electrolysis. The method of targeting and destroying hair right at the base of the follicle gives the electrologist control over which hairs do and do not get removed, thus allowing your eyebrows to be shaped the exact way you want them. It can also be an essential part of a gentleman’s manscaping regimen and a way to clear up an unsightly “unibrow”!

And once you have your permanently perfect eyebrows, don’t stop there! Electrolysis can treat multiple areas of the body that are effected by excessive hair growth including the upper lip, face, ears, abdomen, chest, thighs, back, bikini line, chest, and legs. For your best results, use a trusted and highly trained electrologist. At Theresa’s Face and Body Cape Coral Spa we have over 18 year’s experience to help you achieve your perfect look at the right price!

To learn more about electrolysis and how it works, check out our blog Electrolysis: A remedy for superfluous hair in women.

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