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18 May 2015

A remedy for superfluous hair in women

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Electrolysis Is The Solution

Theresa George, Spa Owner, Cape Coral Spa, massage therapist, electrologist, esthetician


For the 8% percent of women in the U.S. who experience superfluous hair growth, also known as hirsutism, electrolysis is the solution.  When compared to lasers, waxing and other hair removal methods, electrolysis has been found to be most effective at permanent hair removal.


We practice this method of permanent hair removal at our Cape Coral Spa, Theresa’s Face and Body, and want to help educate our clients on the cause and treatment of superfluous hair growth.


Causes of Superfluous Hair Growth


Women of certain nationalities, such as those of Mediterranean descent, and those with a family history are more prone to superfluous hair.  When ancestry or heredity plays a role, we typically see superfluous hair appear during the teen years and pregnancy, when hormone production fluctuates.

Systemic Disorders

Superfluous hair can also occur because of a systemic disorder, such as disturbance of the endocrine glands.  These conditions include Hypothyroidism, genetic disorders, hormone imbalance, and sometimes the presence of a tumor on an endocrine gland.


Medications such as prednisone, danazol, glucocorticoids, and birth control pills can contribute to superfluous hair growth.  Hormone drugs and steroids are the most common prescription triggers, but other types of medication can also be culprits.


Topical Influences

Topical influences, such as burning or scarring, can lead to excessive hair growth.  This occurs because skin is stimulated and in turn causes an increased blood supply to the area.


Treatment for Superfluous Hair Growth


Electrolysis is a safe method of eliminating excessive hair and one of the most effective treatments for permanent hair removal. 


Permanent hair removal occurs when the hair is destroyed in its growing stage, otherwise known as the anagen phase.  During the anagen phase, hair is visible above the skin and has the most pigmentation.  At this point, electrolysis works to remove hair by destroying the hair root and blood supply with an electric current.  The hair is then removed with a tweezer.  To ensure electrolysis is performed during the agagen phase, appointments are spread out over several weeks.  For optimal effectiveness of electrolysis, it is highly recommended that a client attend these targeted appointments.


Most areas of the body can be treated with electrolysis including the eyebrows, face, ears, abdomen, chest, thighs, back, bikini area, breasts and legs. To learn more about electrolysis services at Theresa’s Face and Body click here.

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