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01 Jul 2018

Senior Praises Electrolysis

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Watch This Permanent Hair Removal Video

This video entitled “Senior Praises Electrolysis” is a review given by a senior client of Theresa’s Face and Body spa who has achieved successful permanent hair removal with electrolysis. Judi had gray and light hair on her chin and lip for many years. She stated that she tried tweezing and waxing of her face and chin area and it never worked. She also said laser treatments would not work because she had light hair on her face and it wasn’t permanent. After much research Judi felt certain that electrolysis would be the solution.

At Theresa’s Face and Body Cape Coral spa we see many senior clients who struggle with the issues of unwanted facial hair. Seniors often develop hair in this region due to changes in the hormone levels in the body. Other contributing factors include heredity and medications. Removing this hair permanently with electrolysis does wonders for appearance enhancing self-esteem. Additionally, for seniors who suffer with the pain of ingrown hair electrolysis can be a godsend. Ingrown hair is also known as folliculitis barbae. This condition is caused by hair that doesn’t come up from the skin but instead remains underneath causing inflammation and a bumpy appearance. Electrolysis removes this hair enabling the skin to heal and return to normal. Click here to read more about our Electrolysis Services.

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