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05 Aug 2017

8 Reasons To Get a Brazilian Wax Today

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Getting a Brazilian wax has been a beauty must…

And is still going strong!

For all of you that have been considering going native, here are eight reasons you should get a Brazilian wax at Theresa’s Face and Body Cape Coral Spa.

  1. You will remain hairless longer. Brazilian waxing eliminates hair so you don’t have to shave every day.
  2. Excessive hair showing outside of your bathing suit is not considered sexy. A Brazilian wax will clean up your bikini in a jiffy!
  3. Brazilian waxing is less irritating than shaving. There is no razor burn, cuts, or potential scars with waxing.
  4. Brazilian waxing is fast and easy. There is a low amount of effort on your part and maintenance is simple.
  5. Many women and men feel cleaner without additional hair. A Brazilian wax is hygienic and eliminates hair that can contribute to odor.
  6. There’s no ugly black stubble with Brazilian waxing. When you shave in the morning you often have stubble by the evening when many people want to be clean and smooth.
  7. You will have no missed areas with Brazilian waxing .This type of wax service eliminates all hair from front to back. You may choose to keep a neatly trimmed landing strip or triangle, but all the other hair from front to back is completely removed.
  8. Many men and women feel more confident and sexy after having a Brazilian wax.

Brazilian waxing is even more important in Southwest Florida where the weather is warm year-round. Stopping by your Cape Coral Spa to get a Brazilian wax is effortless. You will leave feeling clean and ready to sport your tiniest bikini and your shortest shorts with confidence.

Theresa’s Face and Body meets all of your waxing needs in a discreet and professional manner

I will give you tips before the wax to make it as comfortable and convenient as possible. Check out my other blogs for helpful waxing tips or ask me when you call to make your appointment!

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