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Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage benefits have many health advantages. We offer Swedish Massage, trigger point, geriatric massage and deep tissue massage to benefit our clients. read more →

Brazilian Waxing Tips

Brazilian waxing tips and services is one of the top requested services at Theresa’s Face and Body Cape Coral. Call today and get your Brazilian Wax On! read more →

Different Styles of Brazilian Waxing

Our Cape Coral Brazilian waxing involves removing all the hair from the client’s nether regions from the front to the back. Call 239-206-1216. read more →

Vacation Hair Removal and Skin Solutions

Our Spa in Cape Coral offers Vacation Hair Removal with Microneedling and Electrolysis for all our snowbirds to keep looking good on the beach. read more →

Enhance Your Self Esteem with Facial Electrolysis

Facial Electrolysis also known as permanent hair removal is the best solution to deal with every type of hair color. Find out more on our Spa Blog. read more →

Secrets for Successful First Time Waxing

This video covers tips on preparing for your brazillian waxing appointment. Other waxing covered includes bikini, leg waxing and underarm waxing. read more →

Chemical Peels and Dermabrasion

Glycolic chemical peels work to refine the surface of the skin lessening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and promote the renewal of cells. read more →

Setting Your Skin Care Resolutions For The New Year

Was 2016 a difficult year for your skin? Set your Skin Care Resolutions. I know, it was hot and dry in some places, cold and dry in others. read more →

Amazing Reviews for Theresa’s Face and Body in Cape Coral

We want our clients to be aware that we see a variety of skin tones who cope with superfluous hair and work diligently to remedy these concerns. read more →

Christmas Gift Certificates for hair free holiday!

Buy your loved ones a Waxing, Electrolisis and Permanent Hair Removal gift certificates for men and women looking to be hair free. read more →

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